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What is an online MBA?

Online Master of Business Administration Degree

Aafke Loney calls it her “aha” moment.

Serving on the school board of directors for her local school district, Loney found herself struggling to follow along with the more complicated business end of her duties. “I started to feel like maybe my education level wasn’t sufficient for what I was trying to do. “

Hardly what one would consider uneducated, at the time, Loney held a Bachelor of Arts degree in social work. “But I just felt like I needed something more.”

A few weeks later, a postcard advertising the offering of a new MBA program at Chatham College arrived in her mailbox. “As soon as I saw it, I knew it was a sign. If I hadn’t have received that postcard in the mail, I doubt I would have pursued an MBA.”

A Master of Business Administration degree, or MBA, is apostgraduate degree students who have mastered the art of business can achieve.Graduates who have obtained MBAs have studied the theory and applicationprocess of business and its management principles. They have gained knowledgewhich can be applied in a number of real life business scenarios.

Loney took the leap, and enrolled in Chatham’s program. “There was a time when I said that I would never go back to school, but I was so gladthat I did this. It gave me the confidence to make solid decisions about myfuture.”

Two-and-a-half years later, she completed the course, and now is the owner of her own company, Business and Education Connected.

Those who wish to pursue the goal of starting their own business,or who are looking to advance their career, should consider obtaining an MBA, said Loney.

The core courses which are included as part of an MBA program force students to think like a business person, applying critical-thinking skills, as well as considering human reaction, in every decision they make. For students who choose an MBA program with a specialty in entrepreneurship, they will learn valuable tools for not only planning asuccessful business venture, but also for securing the finances necessary toget started.

“What I learned in my MBA program helped me to strategically plan my own business,” said Loney. “I had to write a business plan, and secure funding, and I would not have been prepared to handle that myself without theskills I learned in my MBA program.”

Another reason to pursue an MBA degree, aside from the desire to start your own company, is to assume a leadership role within your current place of employment, or with a new company. MBA courses teach students the kind of general business and management skills that can be readily applied to any business or industry, making that person more marketable. During tough economic times, improving one’s marketability can help them to land a job or keep the one they already have.

They also are taught the kind of skills that can be executed in a leadership role, such as the head of a human relations department, or as in Loney’s case, the head of a company.

No matter what your reasons, earning an MBA can be a valuable tool. Use it wisely, and it can be the passport to new and exciting opportunities.